What presentations for Springers?

This is going to be my first year targeting springers.

I got one last year on BC Angling coon shrimp, but that was my second time out, and I thought I was after steelhead :) Little did I know at the time that was springer bait,and not so much for steehead. I think I have the steelhead thing sort of figured out (says the noob), but I'm not really sure exactly what I should be tossing to the big guys.

Should I grab some more coon shrimp, or eggs, or something else all together. I'm a bank fisherman, and normally run a slip bobber, but I can drift if that's what's called for.

My smoker is cold and empty, and I'd love to change that!
Cooners will kill summer steelies as well as springers. Spring chinook are a finicky beast and thats on thier good days. I fish prawns, eggs, herring, spinners, spoons, plugs, and my personal favorite dynamite. Floats and bait are good ways to go, but you need to be versitile enough to fish what the water and fish are calling for. If for whatever reason they are holding in 5ft runs along the bank then bobber and bait isn't my first choice. Plunking eggs and corkies or spin glows in traveling lanes has its merits. It's looking like a good run, I'm sure your smoker will be busy.
Sorry can't help much. Most of my experiances with chinook be it fall or spring is more towards trolling. The little bit of bank fishing i have done has been without reward drifting corkies w/ bare hooks, yarn and scent, roe. Then i did finally get one on a pink corkie with glitter and some roe but thats it on my experiances. i am gonna try to plunk this year in a few holes i know of so I will let you know how that works out when the fish get here, Oh and there is a spot by my house above some fast water right in a traveling lane that we tried tossing hardware in last year a few times and bfishin got one first trip out on a little cleo so thats onother method that worked. Good luck on your quest to fill the smoker i am on the same one.
steelheadstalker31 said:

Do you guys have any sucess with jigs and springers?
Have not tried them for springers. They work good for fall Chinook in the right conditions. We will be experimenting this year with jigs and the springers on the McKenzie, I think we might find some those finicky fish want. :D
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