What fly to use - dry fly or wet fly?

redhawk50 said:
McKenzie River is stocked with hatchery trout. And I agree that you need to match the hatch to catch big fish or any fish for that matter that is a given. I think this is the nice thing about fishing is that it allows each angler to have their own ideas and ways to catch fish. I have caught fish when people told me I am crazy to be tying on fly I was and I am sure I have thought or said people were crazy to be using what they are using and then watch them catch fish. Even better, the situation changes on each body of water that you fish. Which is why I love fly fishing, or fishing in general. Good discussion and I hope we all catch fish and if some of them are big cool. Also as a lot of people or some famous person has said "that is why it is called fishing not catching" anybody know who did say that first?

I believe the first person to use that paticular phrase was none other than the famous Captin Ahab of the great ship Pequod!;)
A word about big bugs for big fish...Ed Ward uses some pretty disgustingly bright 7"+ patterns, and hits a lot of fish in the face, but when the flows come down, and the water cools, We have run some size 16, and a lot of size 12 patterns for the OP Steel. They are truly giants, with double digit averages, and legit 18-24 pounders hooked quite often. The large aggressive bucks will rise to small flies, but not to big ones. You have to drift the bigguns in a fast riffle, or they have too much time to look at it, and decide that it looks nothing like normal forage. I will always downsize before I go up. And the thing about trout especially, I have noticed that they school together in a realtivly segregated fashion. The smaller ones hangin as a group, and the larger ones in a slightly different strip of water. I accidentally found a way to terminal fish for Jack Chinook. And only hook Jacks intermingling amongst adults when the big fish were on the dark side of the spectrum... I had well in excess of 20 days of Jack limits last spring, into the late summer, purely because I learned how to target smaller fish, in this case. It all about targeting the fish you want to catch.
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