Water level on Alsea vs. North Fork Alsea?



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Mar 27, 2019
The post below was helpful as I also try to catch my first winter steelhead for me or my son on the North Fork Alsea. I know it's important to get the bait to that sweet spot within two feet of the bottom, but how do I know how deep the North Fork of the Alsea is? How does it compare to the reading we can get of the Alsea at Tidewater? I need to know so I can set my bobber stop correctly. Right? I read a post somewhere that said a 7.25 foot reading at Tidewater would be ideal for the North Fork. What would that translate to? THANKS!


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Apr 28, 2009
Roseburg, Oregon
I dont know anything about the right water level for those rivers but I can tell you that the level reading only gives you a general idea of level and conditions but doesn't help to know levels at various holes throughout the river until you become familiar with specific areas. If you dont know the river you have to adjust your bobber depth until you know you are near the bottom. A general rule for me is to fish 3 to 4 feet of water that is moving at a pace about as fast as you would walk.
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