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I'm normally a fly fisherman, but I'd like to eat a mess of walleye. Anyone know where I might catch some off the bank and what should I use?
Sorry to say but, it's virtually impossible to catch eyes from the bank. especially this time of the year. They are in the pre-spawn stage and that means deep.
Although, I will be fishing for them below McNary dam for another month if you want to give it a try let me know.
My sources tell me you can also find them in the Multnomah Channel,Gilbert River,Lake Wallula and Lake Umatilla as well as 99% of the Columbia. I am no expert,believe me,since I've never fished for the Walleye. Good fishing to you!
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Meeting my Dad at McNary as it is half way between Portland and Ontario. How has your luck been for walleyes up there? Any tips? If you're in the area this weekend, drop by the blue & white boat that doesn't look like it should be used for fishing (Hurricane). I'll buy you a beer.
boardman! thats were the state record was caught!
Boardman Brute

Boardman Brute

Well, I caught a nice small mouth. Dad caught a walleye weighing 12 or 13 lbs. Pictures to come. Thanks for the advice yall.
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