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the salmon kid
:Dhey every one the salmon kid, here i am posting this thread today to tell everyone that i have myself a new camera and yall best be looking farward to some new winter steelhead videos, and they will be all on the fly pole ,.,:pray:and i want all of you to rate comment and subscribe if you like it:pray:,.,
on request i will make some videos on how to make certian flys, knots rigs ectra,.giving i have the materials,., and if you guys have any recomondations on what i should do, how to fish ,how to work certian fishing hole ,or any other kind of techneak you want to see,., i am open for any kind of ideas for a video and in the video i will be giving credit to the person who recomended it to me feel free to ask questions ,., most of the videos will be posted on you tube and our group'' centrally rogue angling''

i will be going fishing this weekeng and will be making a video of the trip so look farward to that

if you have any questiond please feel free to pm me or e mail me at ,.

thank you all

till next time ,.,,. the salmon kid :cool:
can't wait!
ap king
Can you include a short segment on bobber fishing for steel head, how to rig it, areas best to use it, different baits to use with it, and a few tips about it. I understand if you pass on the idea, but it would be cool to see. I know you said you'll be using a fly rod, but would it work the same on a spinning reel set up?

If you post the videos in the centrally rogue angling group I don't think I'll be able to view it, will you post it in this thread also? I look forward to your videos and it sounds like great fun.
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I want to see those videos!!!! can't wait
the salmon kid
ya 'ap king'' i would love to show every one the fine art of bobble n fly fishing i could show yall how to set it up for, roe, worms ,jigs ,flys and a few other things and maybe i can get a video if a fish on the rig i tied,.,

i am trying to find a ride up to the cole rivers hatchery tomarow so if i can manage to find a ride i will make a couple videos on the rigs and how to use them

it will be called ''fishing in the snow''and i will post it here
the salmon kid
i will be be making the tutorial tonite on how to set it up for steelhead with a bobber and i will be posting it tomorow.
can you also make a drift fishing tutorial?
the salmon kid
shure ill make one rite away
do you want the rigs of what?
because i dont have a boat but i can make the rig and tell you how to use it
that good?
yeah that would be awesome, I would fish from the bank anyways.
the salmon kid
here is the double rig for fishing with roe

NIce informative video, thanks!
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