Upper Willamette River Sturgeon

John B
Although I fish below the Oregon City Falls quite successfully, I found this forum while researching the upper river Sturgeon fisherie. I have heard stories
for years about Sturgeon monsters on the upper river but until now never fully investagated the possabilities. Has anyone here in this forum ever caught a Sturgeon of any size between Harrisburg and albany ? How about the Buena Vista area ? I want to here from someone in the know.
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I have had lots of luck in the Willy by Newberg and just downstream from where the Yamhill dumps in. Never fished above there but will try later this winter hopefully.
I know of them getting hooked @ Dexter. Guys fishing for Springers will even accidentally hook up every now and then. I found a dead one at Clearwater park in Springfield/Thurston area.
I sturgeon fish out of Buena Vista. There's several good holes there. Only caught shakers so far, but there are a few oversize in there. Watched a guy once fighting one, saw it jump several times(it was huge), and it darn near spooled him.
In talking to some people and the game warden (osp). Harrisburg has many oversized sturgeon.I have never tried.
John B
Thank you to everyone who has given information on upper river sturgeon.
I'am compiling info, please keep info comming. Again Thanks.
leach laker
Hole not far from Irish Bend (n. of Harrisburg)

Hole not far from Irish Bend (n. of Harrisburg)

I have heard rumors of a hole somewhere near Irish Bend. If you are not familiar with Irish Bend, it is a few bends in the Willamette North of Harrisburg. There is an undeveloped 'park' on the Benton County side. I think there is sporadic bank access on both sides.

If I recall correctly, the hole is a mile or two North of the Irish Bend area and is productive but holds nothing big.

Anyone heard of this? Have more detailed directions? Bank Access?

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