UL trout rod.

I need a rod for under 50 bucks for general use of stream fsihing for trout up to 20 inches. Under 5'6" and 2 pieces is a must as it has to fit in my suitcase. I already have a reel for it.
Are you asking, if any of us have such a rod for sale? Or, are you asking for suggestions on what to go and buy at a store/shop?
Suggestions as i wont buy it for a while.
I bought a cheap okuma setup last summer. 50 bucks for a rod and a reel. I keep in in my truck to hit holes on the way home. Cheap so I dont have to worry about it, but it still gets the job done.
Kudos to you, for wanting a smaller rod. I use 5' - 6' Ultralight rods for trout. Fighting trout in the 18- 20", will make the fish feel like a steelhead. It's a lot of fun!

I too, like Okuma's. There are also some decent Shakespeare rods, and maybe some Berkley's too...just to name a few.

But more importantly, I look for a fast action tip (very flexible, with lots of motion).

Plus, I look for rod's (of any kind/size) with a minimum line guide-to length ratio of 1:1. In other words, at least one guide per foot of length. For example, at least 5 guides for a 5 foot rod; and at least 6 guides for a 6' rod. I also prefer double footed guides (two posts that attach to the rod blank). But, single footed guides are also okay for a trout rod.

And, I look for a REEL that BALANCES to the rod's weight. To test this, just attach a reel and have both sections of the rod together. Place ONE index finger under the uppermost top part of the cork handle. If it is evenly balanced, neither end of the rod will drop or lower itself. If one end drops, then your reel is either too heavy or too light.

This isn't absolutely critical when fishing for small-ish trout, panfish, etc. But, it does become a critical point when fishing for larger quarry. For example, you will feel less wrist/arm fatigue with a well-balanced rod/reel combo.

If you can; go visit a shop or two and look around at the selection. Keep these things in mind when shopping, and you should wind up quite happy with your selection.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I did have a real nice UL rod that was real old. But a 10 pound large mouth snapped it.
You're welcome. I hope you find something you like, and works well for you.

Sorry about the older rod. It was probably a goodie.
Okuma has a Celilo rod that is 5'6" and ultra light rated 1-4lb line, for about $35 most places. I love my Celilo's - I've had 8 of them, still own 7 (one was stollen). Great value in the Celilo line up.

Shimano made (maybe still does) a rod called the Stimula - mine was 5' two piece, ultra light 1-4lb line

The Quantum Teton rods can be had from 4' to 7', two piece (except the 4', it's a one-piece, I bleev) ultra light action, 1-4 or 2-6lb rating.

Then there's the venerable Eagle Claw fiberglass rods, they're light/ultra light action, and I think you can find them in the 5 or 5'6" range, for around $25 or 30.

My top pick out of all the ~$50 rods is by far the Okuma Celilo - but I've owned or currently own at least one of each rod I've mentioned. Each has served me well. I don't plan on buying anymore rods though that aren't Okumas - I'm probably going to step up to the SST series from here on out, because they're coming down in price, and I've seen some (like the 5'6" two piece UL) as low as $35-40 on sale. Might even splurge and get the Guides Select models, if I can talk myself into spending that much on a non-fly rod again.

All I fish for trout & bass anymore are my Celilo's - a 7' and a 7'6" are my go-to rods. My steelhead and salmon setups are Celilo's also. Like I said, great values in my book. I might sound like a paid spokesman - but I assure you, I'm not - just love my Okuma gear :)
Thanks. The shorter the rod the better. Celilo is definatly one i will look into.

EDIT: I found the rod on Sports Authority for 22 bucks including shipping. Come birthday time it will be one of the things i get.
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Happy early birthday - always good to treat yourself to a new rod for a B-day present :)
For the Money the Ugly Stix is a great Ultra Lite rod.....although if you have the deep pocket syndrome I can highly recommend the Fenwick World Class 5 1/2 foot Ultra Lite, makes a Crappie seem like a Steelhead and a Steelhead feel like a dream. Either why you go it is a blast catching a Steelhead accidentally while Trout angling:dance: .

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