Two nickels and some cutts

Geez I love the trout opener,it leaves the prime steelhead waters devoid of competing fisher peaple!We hiked for miles and didn't see another soul:D Lots of huge cutties in the river,and summer steel seems to be trickling in. can't wait to go back!
Those are some beautiful fish!! Thanks for the pics, great job.
Yeah, nice fish dude! That's one beautiful cutt. Thanks for sharing.
Very nice fish. I think eveyone must have been a wickiup. it was a zoo.
nice picture, amazing fish, way to go man
Throbbit _Shane
very nice :D those are great lookin fish
Those are some great pics. Gotta love gettin into them and not having to make elbow room with other anglers.
:clap:GEEEZZZ :DThat is one GEORGEOUS Native :cool:and some nice trout too!!!! That hatchery looks nice as well. Great day out there 4 :D
Johnny Southpaw
Nice! Beautiful fish-great day on the water indeed!
That`s an outstanding looking cutt!!! Reel noyce!!
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