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Seems like it's been forever since anyone had a "Twist OFF". Don't any of you jig makers, or spinner twisters and fly tyers miss the swaps? I can't participate since I gave all my gear to Autofisher but seems like it must be time to do a couple...:think: I always enjoy seeing the creativity of the members. Just sayin'.....:D
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I am considering setting up a fly swap, but after the holidays
I'd be down to coordinate another jig swap, but definitely after the holidays. Too much madness in the next month and a half.
Finneus Polebender
I would go to check out peoples gear and meet folks sounds cool.
that sounds pretty cool. although i don't tie stuff i too would enjoy lookin at peoples gear and chatting with fellow OFFer's
Swaps are great fun, we 've had several over the years. Spinners for salmon, steelhead, trout, we have done spoons once, jigs, and nymphs.... (may have missed one or two).
Usually they are handcrafted originals duplicated for the number of folks taking part in the swap.

Swaps are structured to go something like this.

Someone announces they will hosts a specific swap, i.e. dry flies or inline spinners, yarnies, jigs.

PM the host with your address and post your intended involvement in the swap thread.

After a few weeks the thread closes and the number of participants are set.

The host will PM the group with the address where the items are to be sent.

If 6 people join, one identical item is crafted for each person. ** this means one would actually send in 5 items; being one of the 6 is yours, which you don't need to send to yourself. Most everyone sends that extra one anyways, in which case, the host keeps the extra(s) for...... hosting consideration

As well as the sending the flies, spinners, ect, including postage for the return delivery is necessary. Whatever the weight your sending, the same amount of postage is necessary to ship them back.

Once all the items are sent to the host, they are divided up and shipped back with the pre-paid postage.

The event is bigger than just for the direct "participants". When folks start posting pictures it's a chance to see and share some really cool designs, concepts, and applied theory with/on/for fishing gear!
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thats pretty cool, sounds fun too.
If a person reserved a spot, like a grange in the Eugene area, do you folks think we could get enough folks to participate to pay the rent on the place. I think it would be fun, and more to meet and great people than to make oiney. If 6 people show up it would be a flop. The Irving Grange has a sign up, they are looking for groups to use their facility. I would check into it if enough OFFERS would commit to participate. Shoot me a PM and let's see how many would be interested in Jan. or Feb. I won't know the cost until I know know many want to do it, but I don't have to commit to anything now. Mybe some of the sporting goods stores would like to participate and put on a clinic ot two. Maybe even Steelhead Stalker may be able to show everyone how to use their stuff. Tight lines, and GO DUCKS, Qwapaw
thats a great idea qwapaw, we could have some meetings and have a few sporting stores come down etc. give lessons and sell/swap gear etc. it would be fun. it would be like the flea market in rickreall but only fishing stuff Lol

and yes, GO DUCKS!!!

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