Trout on the fly

:) Posting for Bigsteel......A beautiful trout....
what a nice trip back to the hole with rose and mike,,,,,,,,,,,,,,caught this 18incher on a black stonefly pattern i recently tied up.......what a hot day it was yesterday..........i can't wait to get one to rise to the dry fly............they seem to want the nymphs.......................dont forget the safety farts if your fishin with mike
HAHAHA Safety first and teamwork. That was a beautiful little fish. Fought like a champ. I can't believe some of the fish that we've found lately.They've all fought harder than most of the UFC guys have lately. Good times.
Very nice looking trout!
Ooooo purdy BIG redside! Those fish get me more excited than steelies do.
Mike123 said:
Ooooo purdy BIG redside! Those fish get me more excited than steelies do.

me too bro,,,especially on the five weight,,,,this fish had some awesome aerials
It's a beautiful trout, I never had such a good luck. I am really frustrated with the lack of knowledge & the lack of success when going out Trout fishing but one day I will prove myself.
strawberry shortcake
You'll get there. I fished with my Grandma as a kid (or rather she fished and I pretended to) but then other things took my attention as time went by. Three years ago my Aunt and Uncle came to visit and bought fishing licenses for all of us. So out we went with cobbled together fishing tackle, some bought, some scrounged up at the old ranch. The minute I threw in my hook, I was hooked. Dreamed of it nightly. Talked about it all day long. And when they went back home I kept right on fishing nearly every day. The learning moments actually make good stories at the Friday night tavern gathering. Some of the funnier episodes has to do with trying to remember how to tie on tackle of this nature or that. I will have to admit that my first one looked just like a bow tie, double knotted so it wouldn't come off.
K,K,K,KILLIN `EM MAN!! That`s a fatty!!
originally goin for steelhead but with bows like this I LOVE OREGON
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