Trout bank fishing

Im going to hagg tommorow and mostly going to target bass from shore and wouldnt mind catching some trout. I dont want to bait fish is there any chance of catching any casting out rooster tails or teasers?


I've had quite a bit of luck from the bank with spinners. Especially early in the season. I really like using a Joe's Flies spinner fly if you can find them.


Anyone consistently get trout with the rooster tails in a specific spot in the water column? I've caught precisely one out of a weed bed and that's it.
Any spots better then others? I guess if i get trout biting my bass lures i will swit h over to a rooster tail. I think the boats ramps would be best because thats were they dumped them.


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I have thrown spinners with success in Scoggins arm. Cast out, let it sink and retrieve. Keep playing with the depth till you find where they are holding. Good luck tomorrow and let us know how you did.


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Check the older threads, you will find a map of bank locations that work well for any species. You can also find other info on lures and bait that work well too by doing a little digging.


With a brass colored Little Cleo spoon, you can easily catch BOTH species. WORD: Large Spoon / fished SLOW and DEEP.
I just got done. I caught a limit of trout and no bass. I caught them right at boat ramp a. A white rooster tail was the only thing i got to work. Still way to cold for bass maybe in a month or so.


I failed today just one throwback on bait, but people were catching on kastmasters, didn't see any caught on spinners though