Trip to the high desert

Here are some pics of the high desert area around Bend from a trip I made. No fish pics, I don't take them when I fish alone. I would most likely drop the camera so its not worth it. Did get a number of trout, and my first brown.

Three Creeks Lake.jpg
This is a small creek flowing from Three Creeks Lake. It had numerous small trout hiding in it. I didn't fish it as I caught much nicer ones from the lake.

Big 'D'.jpg
This is part of the 'D' outside of bend. Got my first brown trout here. That was a nice surprise.

Bend Mountains.jpg
A mountain view from the nw side of Black Butte Ranch.

High Sisters.jpg
A meadow view on the north side leaving Three Creeks Lake. That is one nice setting for a small lake.
Nice pics!!! :) :) Who is David Merriott 2010?
Cool shots Dave! :)
Three Creeks Lake is absolutely beautiful! If you go there right after ice-out, you can slay the big ones. Using silver spoons, I landed a small rainbow and a small bull trout last time I was there. Better still, I had two LARGE fish on that same day. I'm used to catching 2-5 pounders in the Klamath on a regular basis and this was bigger.

I really need to get back up to Sisters and give it a shot. Congratulations on your first brown, and thanks for the great pics!
Finneus Polebender
Very cool pics.
FlyBum said:
Nice pics!!! :) :) Who is David Merriott 2010?

That's me, just got a new photo program and was labeling pics. Noticed I put the wrong date on those as I was working through and messing with some old ones before moving on to doing a few new. Oops.

Thanks all.
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