Toxins in Willamette

I just moved back to Salem and looking to fish close to home some evenings, is It safe to eat non migratory fish from the lower Willamette or are the toxins still to high?
Welcome back. While I’m no scientist, and don’t know the actual readings of contaminates, I have never eaten any fish from the Willy. I’ve just always felt very uneasy about it. Even in the 1960’s as a kid. Just my .02…….
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O. mykiss
I’m in the same frame of thought as troutdude. I have no hard science, but the toxins that have been dumped into the willamette river for 150 years are still there in the sediments. They have to be bioaccumulating in the food chain. I personally would not eat anything from the willamette below say Harrisburg.
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What would you possibly want to eat in the Willy that is a resident fish? Smallmouth? Gross.
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