To many fish

grampa ron
Some people seem to think that they can take all the fish they want from the pond.
Three people were busted yesterday for continuing to fish after they caught thier limit and put them in the trunk of thier car. They got turned in and also caught with over the limit. There is an 800 number on your license. Use it if you see people poaching.

It's too bad something can't be done about the littering that goes on there. Some people are just PIGS!
I agree up at Harriet Lake they stock maybe 50 large fish along with the stockers Last year I went up there and saw a guy with his kids with trash bags full of the trophies. I'm sure it was legal he had about 5 kids with him though I don't know if the kids actually caught the fish. It doesn't seem fair for someone to take most of the trophies within hours of them being stocked. I C and R and it is fun to hook a 4 pounder on my ultrlite gear and not fun if it's fished out the day they stock it. Maybe there should be a rule that you can only keep 1 fish over 16" in places where they only stock a few trophies.
Whew! Ron, with title like "Too many fish"...I had thought that you were losing your marbles. LOL

But seriously, I too, absolutely hate peeps that don't give a rats behind about regs. I turn them in every chance that I get...and laugh as they get tickets!
rippin fish lips
People like that discust me!!!! It's sad that people think they can do that.
I bet some of them didn't even have a liscence.
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