Throwing fish off a cliff


So, I'm interested in rock fishing. I've noticed quite a few places that are accessable and (relatively) safe from pounding surf... But they're tens of feet in the air. At what point does releasing become threatening to the fish?
Personally, i don't care if the fall stuns them for a short time.. if they get eaten in that brief window, then cest la vie (they already lost to a predator once, and were just "let off the hook" on a technicality). I don't, however, want to be throwing fish to their deaths every time they aren't big enough. The other day i was fishing on a cliff about 50 feet up and caught 2 little guys that had to be thrown back... And i have no idea if they made it.


I hear you, Fattie. I would feel uncomfortable, too, if realized, that instead of "catch & release" I'm playing "catch & whack" with minnows.
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