Thin Copper King Flutter Spoon

I just purchased this spoon on eBay, and am looking forward to fishing with it.

This spoon was made by the same company that made/makes the very popular Red & White Daredevle thick spoon. It is called a King Flutter Devle, #3200.

It is VERY thin, about 4" long, and nearly 1" wide. It has a copper plated finish on both sides. It also has the standard "Devil" logo on the front near the bottom, where the split ring is attached.

It also has a very large treble hook attached, as though it was / is intended for big fish. It was made in Detroit (Michigan), so it may have been made for use in the Great Lakes region.

Does anyone on here, have any experience with such a lure? If so, what types of fish did you catch? What types of techniques did you use (trolling, casting, jigging, etc)?

Thank you.
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I don't know about that one in particular but last year I read in an article from the south coast that Krocodiles about that size are used near the mouths of some of those rivers down there for fall chinook when they come in. I picked up one to try but did not get to fish much last fall. I did try it briefly on Elk and a little bit at Yachats when I was passing through and did not get anything on those occasions. It is about four inches and narrow like those pictured.
I remember as a kid thinking that red and white daredevle spoon was really hot. I have not seen the King Flutter but it looks similar to a coyote spoon only in copper. The coyote spoon at times has been a hot rig for ocean silvers. I might try to make one of those when I get finished reading Kerplunk!
That's meant to be used in trolling. I've used them before from a row boat. Sweep the oars, it lifts the spoon, rest for a few seconds and the spoon "flutters" back down which looks like a dying baitfish. Very effective and much used on the great lakes. Plus it's great exercise!
rippin fish lips
Looks like a fish killer to me!
KC, after I posted this thread I did some reading about thin spoons. Yep, mostly meant for trolling. But, I hadn't thought about how it could flutter back down like you mentioned. That would certainly incite some strikes. I'm also planning to try casting & retrieving with it, with a sliding bullet or egg sinker a couple feet ahead of it.

Rover, the red & white Daredevle (likely the original w/ a copper back side), was voted as one the 50 best lures of all time a couple of years ago. I think I saw that in Field n' Stream magazine. And let me know what you think of Kerplunk. That's one McManus book, that I haven't read yet.
I'll give you a report on the book when I finish. As usual it's starts out darn funny from the get go! That doesn't surprise me about the daredevle top 50 ranking. I can still visualize that thing in my old green tackle box.
Yeah, can't go wrong with anything written by good ol' Pat!

I'm on the hunt, for some of those old copper-backed Daredevle's. But, I don't want to pay "collector's pricing"...just want to use 'em and get some FEESH! ;-)
I love gold spoons of just about any kind. I'm out here in Florida and we use them all the time to see if theres anything home before we throw in any live bait. The mackerel love them and its summer time so they're running pretty hard right now. It's time to get my smoker ready!! =)
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