The wifes buck and my big hen

aka trouble
well we went out after she heard about the stealhead she wanted a try so i took her to are secret honey hole ... second cast bammo fish on she landed it like a pro lol .... spooked them so waited till next day and i went alone and after two hours of watching them swim and dart at my jig this one took me for a ride down in water i went chasing my fish back across river to better place to land it did a bunch of arerial jumps very surprized it didn't break me off but needless to say my buddie civic showed up and was there to help land m ine he lost his at bank right before i got mine...:rolleyes: ...
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:clap:Nicely done...see what happens when you catch one and find a honey catch even more. Nice and bright for this late in the summer:D
aka trouble
yah the wifes was a little darker then mine but roughly same size ... my hen had huge amount of eggs in her gave them to civic to b cured tho....left pic is the buck and right is the hen .... can't wait for the nooks in that system... btw thanx ... the 19th is coming lol .....
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:clap::dance:Good Job Man and Beautiful Fish!:clap::dance:
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