Summer Senko Madness - Trout luv em too.

Been under the weather for the last couple of months, and have been trying to pull myself out of the funk mood and get out fishing..
Well, today raised my mood quite a few notches.

Went out this morning to hit some of the local farm ponds and scattered lakes around Colton. I was primarily gunning for Bass as my 4 year old loves watching them tail walk, splash and other aerobatics, actually.. i enjoy that too.
Anyhoo, started the day out slow, but by midday the water seemed to have got enough sun that the bite was happening. Had two rods setup, one with crawdad softbait and one with a 6" Pumpkin Senko.
wasn't getting anything on the senko, but kept getting tugs and releases on the crawdad. Took about 20 mins of hits until i connected to something. Pulled it in and its a tiny 5" Bass (largemouth?). Continued for another half hour, moving around, but with the same kind of taps.. Ho hum.
At 2, we headed to another lake on the hunt for some bass, also, coz me and sprogling really NEEDED some of those filling station chicken pieces and Doritos.
Finished lunch, scrubbed hands and set about fishin... Continued using the Crawdad and started getting some real nice whacks, pulling in one LM around 3lb then everything went dead. I could see the Bass following the crawdad back but just not interested in attacking it.
This signaled another little break whilst we broke out the coffee and pink milk.
Went back to fishing, this time throwing the Senko and noticed that there was a hatch going on. I am busy doing the wormie thing watching the hatch and trout bubbling and jumping when the worm refuses to come off the bottom half was back after a raise n drop. Felt like I had definitely got myself wrapped around a branch.. I started cursing not rechecking the 'weedless rig' when the line went slack and a fish erupted from the water and tried to exit the area. I didn't get a good luck at the form and splash, and thought it was a bass that had spit the hook and said goodbye, but then the line started singing off the reel!!!
I had 6lb on and that first run really got me thinking about how well 6lb would really hold up if the fish went under or around the stumps. Took me about 5 mins to get the fish back enough that i could see some shape. It didn't look like a bass, or feel like one. There was no real aggression, just the firm and solid pull of 'I aint doing that dance'. Then the fish went airborne again and my daughter shrieked "its a twout dada, a really big one" and started giggling as she went to get the net.
Got the first fish in and was amazed to see that the trout had completely swallowed the 6" Senko and the 2/0 hook so deeply that there was no chance to get the hook out and the fish was throwing up blood. Gave him a quick end and cursed that such a nice trout couldn't have been put back in the water. Congratulated and thanked my daughter for scooping the net under the trout and getting it cleanly out of the water and onto the grass when i said we couldn't release it.
As this was happening, my wife and 6 year old arrived just in time to see us land the fish.
"Dada, we want to catch another BASS" went the 4 year old, with cheering from the 6 year old, so I tied on another of the same senkos and went back to fishing.
About 3 casts later I went through exactly the same routine. Thought I got stuck and then the fish did its little dance.
At this point I wasn't willing to throw that worm back in, just in case I had to bonk another trout, so went to fly, then spinner, but failed to get even a nibble.

Never seen a trout go for a senko so wanted to see what these pigs had been eating. When I got home and cleaned them up, I opened the stomach, expecting leaches, or earthworms, etc, but what i found surprised me. BOTH trout had stomachs full of baby bass, around 3" long, no insects, just baby bass and a pinkish orange mush of scuds!!!! Also both fish had inhaled the senko so deep that the hook was firmly in the stomach and doing some nasty damage.

Score for the day, one tiny bass, one medium bass and two pigs, 19" and 21" rainbows fat and nice pink flesh!
awesome report,darn nice fish too. good to see ya back.
i catch bigger trout than anyone would believe on bass tackle, people dont realize that big trout are predators and sometimes powerbait isn't the best method....... hooked and lost trout up to 5lbs at shasta and lost them up to 12lbs or so EASY, its always a good bet for a big trout to bite every couple trips at some lakes.
Good to hear you're doing better. Let me know if you want to go whiff for trout on the Molalla!
Combat Chuck
I looked at the pics before reading, could have sworn that was a mini senko. Awesome surprise! I catch trout on tubes regularly. Kinda cool but I sometimes feel bad for sticking that giant hook through there head :lol: They always find me when Im c&R bass and dont have a cooler.
Nice work. And yes that is a little largemouth bass. Great way to make memories with your kids
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