still lookin for anyone running dodge to ox this weekend.

just wanting to tag along in my own toon. pm me with what time you're planning on putting in and i'll be there.
so i meant to post an update here on last wknd. we went anyways dispite the lack of interest in running a tandem. left dodge at 6:30-7ish. the only challenge was the first drop. the rest was pretty much cake. the water was sssssooooo clear and beautiful up there. and there was a ton of fishable water... i'll pretty much be calling that run home now. ..totally addicted.
anyone know what the laws state about pitchin a tent half way down so you don't have to pack it all in in one day.
Well once I have some experience rowing on the rivers, I plan on doing that same run so it wasn't lack of interest on my part, just lack of experience. Glad it went well.
Good for you. Yea, The Pipeline can be pretty hairy at times. It looked like you must have hit the water somewhere around the 9.2' level? Just remember, as it gets higher, all the rapids get a little trickier, especially The Pipeline. Also, there is that rock in the middle of the river right at the base of the rapids as you come down into Blue Hole - that thing gets pretty nasty at high water. You don't want to get caught in those hydraulics. There must be at least 5 or 6 islands where you have to choose left or right, so just be careful as the water rises and you choose another side of the islands next time...

As for the laws... I've done some research on this in the past, and I've found a sign in between the girl scout hole and the beach right below that. It stated that camping was prohibited on the Sandy below where the Salmon River spills into it. So basically, you can camp above Salmon River in the Mt Hood National Forest. Below is a no-no, which is where this run is. Also, a lot of that land above the high water mark is either private (Campfire USA comes to mind) or it's part of the Sandy River Gorge Preserve, which is managed by Metro and The Nature Conservancy to name a few. They all have their own restrictions that prohibit camping.

Also worth pointing out, the regs state:
No angling from a floating device upstream from a point that is 200 feet below the Oxbow Park boat ramp
So basically, if you fish this stretch, make sure you get out on the bank...

Maybe one of these days I'll see you out there. I have a little one on the way in a few weeks, so I suspect my river trips will be few and far between this summer. We'll hopefully be out there, just not in a boat!!

Did you notice any strainers worth mentioning?
oh yeah i totally forgot to mention that. NO STRAINERS were found btwn dodge and oxbow but once you enter the park it's another story all together. there's 3-5 new trees as you leave the "last chance" hole and head down past the slide area before the take-out. stay to the right side of the main stem there (this does NOT mean, try to go down that little creek that breaks off to the right. just stay to the right of the trees!!!) other than that... just the usual. BE CAREFULL, RESPECT THE RIVER, USE A PFD!!!
...oh and leave early. we were on the water for 9hrs and i could have easily spent another 5hrs fishing without thinking about how much river i still had to drift to the boat launch.
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