St Louis Ponds Fishing Reports

Went to St. Louis today.....saw a nice female bass at pond 3. I fished a few of the other ponds there and no luck...not even a bite. I really have bad luck at that place, the bad thing is that I know there are some really nice fish there.
Where are the St. Louis Ponds???
went there on the 27th. Am new to the area. didn't know where to fish so went to pond 7. Water is extremely low. deepest part was about 2-3 feet. caught a whole lot of green sunfish and dink LM bass. saw a few guys catch a few 14-15in bass. they were keeping everything. Little bass to sunfish. The sunfish we caught were bigger than our palms. jeez i can't get over the fact that the water is so low. pond 7 is just a small body of water now. on google earth it looks pretty big. my mistake we fished at the wrong spot! i think it was the dog water fowl training place. it wasn't even the actual ponds.
yes the water is probably fairly low in all of the ponds now...soon the rain will start filling them up. Sounds like a good place, where is it located??
Went up on Sunday, and just like every other time I have been...NUTHIN.
Fished pond three for about 3 hrs and then moved over to pond 6 and got some drive by's. Tried crawlers, eggs, marshmallows, powerbait...Caught a few frogs so I didn't get skunked. The kids seemed to have a lot of fun though! Everyone I talked to had nothing except one guy, caught some kinda sunfish...Flyfishing!!
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I bring a 3 or 4 wt. bug basher, and murder the bass from those ponds normally. Not huge fish, but bigger than an 8" wet towel trout.;) Seems like the when I fly fish in private ponds, or smaller ones like St. Louis, I can't keep the little BG off, and if you use wet flies, better chance of a big bass wanting a fight...My experience anyways. Trout out there also like Wolly Buggers, so get some to tie on to your spinning setup...
some1 just caught a 28 pound channel cat outa there :shock:
Eaten Alive

Eaten Alive

Do not forget your bug repellent. The mosquitoes are hungry. You should see my arms.
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