Son got a handoff

Well went out Friday afternoon to the Irrigon fish hatchery to fish the Columbia River.

Didn't bring anything home, but had a good time and saw eight fish leave on stringers (coho and chinook).

The best part was one of the other guys down there handed my son a pole with a fish on to help him learn how to reel in big fish. The fish got in a weed bed and broke off but it was a great experience.

That's great Dave. Always good to hear of the next generation getting into fishing. Wow, those fish make a looong journey...
Sounds like a blast!
What a neat way for your son to learn about sportsmanship! He isn't likely to forget it and will pass it on to another fortunate beginner. Love this sport!
It was great. I need to get out alone so I am not constantly re-rigging for the boy, but I also need to get the boy out more so he can share these experiences.

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