Some pics from the Santiam today

Went for an afternoon plunking trip real low on the South Santiam this evening.
I took my younger brother because I didn't wan2 go alone and 2 poles are better then one.
Water was a bit off color, 1.5-2ft visibility. But lots of moss and crud floating down.
Started out drift fishing. No hits for me, but then my brother yells fish on!
Then he says it's a big trout, then no wait it's a Northern Pike Minnow. :rolleyes:
After this we threw out the plunking rods. Eggs and Spin N glows.
I did have one good hit but I can't say for sure it was a steelhead.. maybe trout or a Northern Pike Minnow????
Then I look up the river and yell to my bro to reel in the lines cause theres a huge log comin down!! No wait!! It's a DEER!! :shock:
Anyways here's the pics...

My Brother with his catch of the day...



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Silly Deer! you don't get to see that very often.
Neat pics

Neat pics

Silly deer, don't they know rivers are for fishin?
I went steelie hunting today after work at N Santiam state park, and mehama. some one was fishing a jig and bobber at both places with no luck, and I tried yarn and corkie, and shrimp at both places with no luck until dark, not to mention, a tree fell in the middle of the hole at the state park. anyone having any luck on the N Santiam yet this year? there should be winters and summers down low, and the flow is back up at Willamette falls today, so they should start there convoy again.


I may or may not have gotten into a couple at the tailout of the bridge hole in M.C., and another on the far slot at the park in probably know which one I mean. All North fork naitives! Good Luck
Nice pics.....Great plunking rod don't even have to bend over to pick you rod up. Now if you could weld on a cup holder you would have it made:D
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