Snow peak gates

Are there roads to Snow peak that haven't been gated by Weyrhauser(a.k.a-the forest Nazis)? With grouse and quail season opening soon, I'd like to make my way up there. I'll hoof it from the gate, if I have to, but the farther in I can drive, the better.
if you go up neal creek from the camp morrisson area, you can make it to snow peak with out any gates.
Ok. Thanks For the info guys. I hadn't thought about the bike idea.
strawberry shortcake
You might consider adding a trailer to your bike so that carrying your elk out won't ruin your back! I've known guys who have rigged up their one-man canoe wheeled transport to carry carcass.

Which reminds me to state that we have signed away our rights to land and rivers inside our states when we gave management over to the Federal government in return for school money. There is no easy money. But even conservative folks in conservative states thought this many decades ago and willingly signed away their responsibility and right to manage the lands within each state's boarders. Which proves that even self-made men and women can be lulled into anything.
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Kodiak said:
Just checked it out can still come in from the jordan side across the little creek. Hunt up high around the peak, saw a few tracks, and a smallish bull still in velvet.

yehh, thats where i was talking about, you go through jordan, turn right across the little bridge and head up the paved 1 lane. thats neal creek, and you can pretty much go all the way up, theres no gates for a long way, but every where else will be locked up. I live just below the weyerhauser gate on Trask road, and its locked up tight, and im sure it will be locked up through first season, at least i hope so, i would rather hike in and not worry about running in to road hunters. yes, believe it or not, there are bow hunting road hunters:think:
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