Smith Bybee report

Today was fairly decent. I took my kayak out to explore some of the lake that I've only seen via Google Maps. The water is getting pretty low and the carp are abundant. Temperatures ranged between 78-81 degrees according to my Hummingbird fish finder. The deepest part of the lake I ran across was only 9ft deep. However most of it was between 4-6ft. I had some luck off the channel that splits Smith and Bybee lakes.

For those wondering why there was a big cut in the back of the carps neck it's because I couldn't get my damn Leatherman knife into his skull. So I decided cutting his spinal cord was the next best thing :) No more flopping.

Picture and Video all done with my Samsung Galaxy S III. Forgot to mount my GoPro Hero 2 before shooting this guy.
Nice mike! Love the kayak...sounds like you found a bunch of fish. Did you get polarized glasses yet?
No, no polarized glasses yet. Should probably pick a pair up tomorrow. After conditioning tomorrow morning I'm thinking about going back out there. I got a late start today. I was in the water around 2:15pm. I had planned on being out there sooner but slept through the alarm haha.

john montana

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The life of a professional athlete. sleep in, fish all day...

you officially suck. hah!

good luck...let me know how you do.

john montana

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Mike is a big softie. I was giving him crap all afternoon and not once did he push me up against the nearby fence and rough me up. be fair, he did miss his first six shots!