Skunked at Clear Lake

Went fishing tuesday (8/18) on the lake all day and got nothin but a tan. A few people said chartreuse powerbait and worms were the way to go, but didn't work well for me. I saw a boat nearby catch a little guy off some PB though. Fish were jumping around so I know there is at least one or two in there. :lol:

Still a beautiful view and great weather.

Anyone got tips for this lake?

Judging from your photo I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you were probably in a boat? The best advice I can give you is to switch things up. Try trolling or casting lures next time. Also you could troll wooly bugger nymphs. Hope you have better luck next time.
Ive got a buddy that fishes there a lot. From the bank rainbow PB with glitter or a piece of night crawler tipped with a white marshmellow. From a boat ford fenders tipped with worm. Myself I dont use ford fenders but Ive seen some of the trout he brings home. Good luck
Brown/gold rooster tails are money up there. Or well, they have been, I haven't really fished it a whole lot lately.
Combat Chuck
Well, you werent lied to. Chartreuse PB and worms are good. When those are slow I troll a flatfish/quikfish.
Thanks for the input guys...I might head over that way again sometime soon and see what happens. Ill arm my tackle box with a few new pieces too.

Does anyone know if they have stocked the lake yet either?

Thanks again
Clear Lake stocking report

Clear Lake stocking report

scheduled to be stocked this week, Clear Lake Co). 08/17/09 Clear Lake (Linn Co.) 3,000 legal larger 0. trophy 0, 3,000 total
I saw that but I thought someone said they just put it on a monday but could do later anytime that week

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