Silverton reservoir trout fishing on float

Smokey McFisher
so i decided its time to hit some fishing up, have been kinda busy and have been out for almost 4 months fishing. so now that its colder then all heck out there why not? lol. anyway i am taking my boat out and was wondering if anyone had any ideas for this cold weather, why would be the best to use? most the time i like to use a silver with green sticker kastmaster, 1/4oz. always hits at least one fish. but worried they wont hit moving stuff as much today in the cold water, would worms be a better choice? and should i stay near shallow or deep water for better chances? thanks for advice, Im new to the whole boat thing, used to the shore lol.

Long time no see....welcome back. Hope you catch yer limit.
Smokey McFisher
thanks, sure has been a while, missed the site :D
If you haven't left already...the fishes metabolism has slowed down, due to the colder weather. They will be reluctant to move any great distances for a meal. So, slow n' steady (or still fishing) is the way to go. Me? I'd drag just a worm slowly w/ or without a flasher set or dodger. Or, go even slower and try some Woolly Buggers.
guess im a little late, but i 2nd what TD said, what i would do is motor up to where the creek runs into the res and troll a crawler or some pautzkies with nothing more than the wind and the current moving you. in this cold weather, thats about the right speed. be sure to tell us how you did, Brian
well, any reports
Smokey McFisher
sorry ended up getting there that day and no one opened the res, atleast not at 11:30 by the time i gave up and left. I am going to try and hit it up today, just got over being sick and got some nice new cold weather cloths to try out :D ill report on how i do. just got some nice new kastmasters yesterday and fresh eggs, so we'll see. fish on. GO DUCKS, DOWN WITH AUBURN!
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