Siltcoos silvers


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With all this rain finally arriving I just can't seem to avoid thinking about the silvers showing up. Stopped by the river a few days ago while passing through and did see some downstream current and several trailers in the parking lot. Has anyone heard of any reports?


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I check pretty much daily and have observed no fish in the lower river yet. Last check was Thursday 9am. Lake level is low and has not really changed in the past week or so.

Gary W

Now that we arehaving a lot of rain on the coast silvers(coho) should be coming in Siltcoos is one of 3 lakes you are allowed to catch Native Cohos the other two are Tahackanitch excuse the spelling and 10 mile. I think 10 mile is the only one without a dam and spillway. Less fishermen too. lots of Jacks too but I think if you catch a jack first and keep it you have to quit for the day. Ask Roger Dodger He would know for sure.
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