Siletz tomorrow?


Hi Guys,

I might have an opportunity to get out tomorrow. I would like to hit the gorge on the upper siletz but it seems like 4.5 ft might be a little low!

I have a drift boat and could float either the lower river or was thinking about bighting the bullet and seeing if I can make it down from moonshine (I understand there is an island!)

Or I could float the alsea.

So what do you think?
1. siletz gorge
2. siletz from moonshine out of a boat
3. alsea from a boat


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Steelie's are usually spread out pretty good in that system. I think Jeanna has a good idea there.
The hydro's going into the Island are what people are scared of. Its right after you leave the park. If you do go, drop in stright. Dont try and pull off to one side or the other. Then whatever side the hydro's take you, go that way. Dont try and fight against it, You will be pulled into the Island. Thats how the boats have been sinking. Usually it takes you left, its a blind corner. But theres enough room to fit a boat in.

I would suggest you fish twin brigdes down tho, or even the town run. Low water fish low in the system!