Siletz steelhead

Caught this fish at Moonshine park on Siletz this weekend and it was my second time fishing at Moonshine. The bonus was I found the spinner hangin out of his mouth while snorkeling during the heat of the day. There was probably 150 people floating and swimming at the park on Sat. Great people watching and tips like "You cant catch steelhead out of the siletz on spinners, mainly people use shrimp and eggs".


rippin fish lips

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nice fish! i have been told that alot this year while fishing in the hardest most brushy arears and have pulled or hooked a fish each time in front of em. good lookin fishy!


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I hooked 4 - 40 pound nooks once at that park...all on an all black spinner. "They" said that it couldn't be done either...LOL!

Nicely done. Man, that thing is as shiny a new nickel!