Siletz steelhead report (few weeks old)


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A few weeks ago I was camping at Moonshine with my fiancé and her family. My father-in-laws coworker showed up and asked if I wanted to go fishing. I didn't have my license at the time so I volunteered to be camera man. We made our way up the Gorge and first stop at the Bathtub Hole we spotted a fish! Maybe 15 casts later he put a sandshrimp and bead perfectly in front of the fish and fish on!
Ended up being a nice chrome hen!
It was the only one he landed that day but we met up with another local who caught a nice buck with River colors



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That's cool. I have been going up there in the winter maybe two or three times a year for the last five years or so, since I have been on this forum, but never tried for summers. I don't know the names of the holes the way the locals do but I know the lay of the land quite well now, at least the first few miles above Moonshine. It's my favorite place to go.


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C_Run its a great summer steelhead and blueback river. Also has fall and spring chinook as well as fall coho. I may be a little biased but I think it's the best coastal River in the state, unless you count the Columbia as a coastal river
Nice fish! I camped over there the last week of July and I hooked and lost one a spinner in that same hole. Then I walked down a little ways and hooked up again, this time on a bobber and jig and bonked a big ole 9lb buck. It was absolutely delicious on the bbq that night :)


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Ive been running the Siletz trap for ODFW this summer. At our peak we were getting 100 clipped fish per day in addition to many nates, springers and summers.

Its a great river and that is a beautiful fish.

troutdude that would be an amazing cuttie

C_Run the summer run dwarfs the winter run. If you get out mid July you will quite often hook up.

SiletzTroutKiller is a strong system however I'd put a few Tillimook system rivers against it any day...but maybe Im biased as well ;)

Steelheader4Life its HOT in july. Tight lines