Siletz salmon fishing

My husband and I are heading to Lincoln City this weekend for our anniversary and thought, "why not try the Siletz while we are there?"

We have never fished the Siletz before so we have no idea how or where to go. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

We have a 18' hewes but are not sure if taking it is a good idea (no knowledge of the water depths there). So any advice on bank fishing or boating would be great!


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You could put in at Coyote Rock or Chinook Bend and fish around there or go down below the highway.Chinook Bend has better parking for your trailer. There will be plenty of company but there are fish there for sure. If you don't take the boat you can go down to the mouth and cast spinners. Park down by Mo's and the fishing is right out back.


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^^^ Great adivce right there. The fish are staging at the mouth, and into the tidewater area. Go get 'em!


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Besides salmon, there is good crabbing from the bank right behind Moe's, and surf perch is an option too...

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Well we ended up not taking the boat and just fished off the bank near the mouth. We didn't catch anything (this time) and didn't see anyone else have any luck.

We did drive up the river and stopped at an rv/boat place. Saw a few guys coming back with some big salmon! Looks like we will be taking the boat next time :)

Thanks again for all your advice!