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Johnny Southpaw
Fished up in the gorge yesterday evening, caught a really nice native summer fish:D:D:D He slammed my spinner then proceeded to do cartwheels on the surface for a while, entertaining my dog Nika. The fish calmed down after a few minutes and I ran and grabbed my camera-put it around my neck and started getting some footage. It isn't the greatest camera work, sorry if it makes anyone dizzy. Once I got the fish near the bank I saw that it had what I thought was another spinner in it's mouth, turns out it was a wiggle wart! First time that's happened to me.

I had a great time out on the water, and I'm thankful I finally got to dance with a nice chrome summer steelhead.

YouTube -
Great video and beautiful Fish Brother, I hope that camera is waterproof. Atleast you were able to help the Native out and get the wiggle wart out of its mouth.

Johnny Southpaw
Thanks FF-yeah the camera is waterproof, no worries there. I wanted to get a nice picture of that fish but seeing that it was a native and that I was all by myself I figured a nice picture would probably come at the fishes expense-so got him back in the drink ASAP and boy when he took off he really took OFF!
Nice one man!

I've been thinking about going up there since about Thursday (got my tag on Friday). Gonna try to make it soon. Thanks for the vid. That was exciting!
hey man that's no steelhead... that's a springer... nice fish though!
Very nice fish I'm, shocks me that even with something hanging out it's mouth it still hits something more.
:D:D:DJohnny Southpaw!!!!!!! Nice chromer...Holy Sh*#...Holy Sh*#:lol::lol: You are too funny!!!. What a beautiful fish though. Nice and chrome:cool: A free wiggle wart and another video to add to the blair fish project collection:clap::clap::clap:
Johnny Southpaw
shellykannon said:
hey man that's no steelhead... that's a springer... nice fish though!

thanks. i think it was a steelhead but could be wrong-didn't get to inspect inside it's lower jaw for proper ID but it had more of a steelhead look to me. Not a whole lot of springers in siletz either, but enough for a possible hookup. what do you other OFFers think, springer or summer?
That was a spring chinook man Nice fish. Dont kid yourself thinking that was a summer. Great job man
Sure looks like a springer to me and a nice one at that.

Springer, chrome one!
Johnny Southpaw
Wow, springer it is I guess. What are you guys looking at for identification? The reasons I thought it was a steelhead were it's soft/rounded nose, and the distinct lateral line-at any rate it was a thrill to dance with!
black gumline the stocky football like shape.
springer!! beauty too!! same as the intimidator03 said, black gumline is the best identifier! cheers, Bob
Soft rounded nose = hen with yer salmonid, as a rule. They all have a lateral line as well. It`s very sensitive and they feel everything from it. It`s one of the reasons spinners make `em so angry:)
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I looked at the fish for all of 3 seconds and could I.D. it. You caught about a 12-14lb hen chinook. Not only by the way it looks in the face can you tell, but the fact it was shaped like a football should of tipped you off :) Chrome summer Steelhead have a black back and a chrome mid section.

Edit : watched the video again and it looks more like a 15 lb fish. I can say with out a doubt you are one of only a few that will catch such an amazing fish out of the Siletz this year.
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don't know how to explain it other than i could just tell right away. very nice fish man and a story that some wouldn't believe but you got proof. way to go.
beautiful fish, those siletz springers are pretty few and far between...
what he said..... very few and getter fewer and further between. gorgeous fish.
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