Siletz above Moonshine

Gonna go try the Siletz above Moonshine in the morning. Never fished up there before. Maybe I'll actually get lucky and stumble into a willing participant...Hope to have some pics to add....
Good luck! I would love to swing flies up there sometime!
Johnny Southpaw
Good luck plumb2fish! I was thinking about the Siletz but water level looked a bit high. Curious how the water looks and how you do so looking forward to your report.
I was up at wildcat bridge yesterday morning, fished a spot I have done good at high water before, and struck out, couple trout was all. Water was turning a good color by the end of the day. GOOD LUCK!
I was thinking on going tomorrow,but the predictions don't look good...Sposed to go on a rise again...:confused:

Good luck and will look for a report..
Sorry no pics but we found a pretty lil chrome nate hen and 2 one salt fish that went back as well as a few cutties...water was high but had good color
Always fun, thanks for the report.
Yes,thanks for the report...I was kinda wishy washy this morning...Watched the radar,weather and river predictions and finally decided to save my gas money for another day..

Maybe I will just tie yarnies today.:D
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