shutles for lower river ?

anyone know of a shuttle for the lower Clack? riverside to clackamette
dude young
If you have room on the boat, I have a truck full of gas to get us back to the put in.

But, seriously, if there are two of you, you could leave chain-up a beater bike at Clackamette on your way in, leave one dude at the ramp with the boat and ride back to your truck. Pretty flat through that area and kind of a quick shot through some neighborhoods. You might even be able to take a bus, or a cab. Wow! Urban fishing actually does have some benefits?

Anyway, I am off all next week. Not sayin', just sayin'.
we could go Sun AM if you want... my name is Loren give me a call at 360 619 8563 anytime Saturday up until about 10 pm

the boat is all ready!!
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