Salem Softball Field Pond - West Salem


I had a friend mention a fishing pond to me. The location: West Salem Softball fields, the pond is located just north of the parking lot. Just a small pond, all natural. Fallen trews, little top water weeds. Open, quiet, and deep.

I have been told there is some big fish in there. Looks like a nice pond for bass. I was told bass, bluegill, carp, and possible cats. I have tried some flys and some spinner. No luck. I saw a huge fish jump 20 yards out. Look like a 8lb+ bass.

Drew has informed me, fishing here is hard. Family and friends have yet to catch anything from there, yet a friend told me it's "over-fished".

Just curious on your thoughts, advice, or anything else.

Thanks OFFers!
There is some big fish in there, but it is over fished. I have seen some monster bass in there and tons of blue gill. Watch out for needles other stuff for there is a lot of homeless living back there.

If a pond is within a certain distance of the Willamette, it usually has Carp, Bass, Warmouth, Bluegill, Crappie, Pumpkinseeds, Redears, and of course, Catfish, sometimes even Yellow Perch.

This pond needs to be on Colby's to-do list if he passes through Salem, no doubt.
So I decided to take my girl out to fish this pond today, she was hesitant. Yet she came along and actully fished rather than do her reading homework!*Good choice ;)*

I set her up with a white lure, 3 casts in, and before I had my line she had caught a fish.

She killed it:
Her : 3 (Bluegill, Black Crappie, Crappie)
Me : 0

We where on the water for an hour and half, for the later part of the evening! Enjoyed every minute of it. She used the lure whole time, hits like crazy. I tried all kinds of things, best luck I had was a crawdad. Can't wait to fish this more this summer.

249925_10150191073576144_784126143_6944989_3460021_n.jpgNice day on the water!
248887_10150191075286144_784126143_6945006_5940238_n.jpgBlack Crappie
Nice Stephen, should've stopped at Riverfront, I was there all day and caught my first Mirror Carp, just a little 8lb though.

If you want to go try for some Bass at a private pond soon, give me a hollar.

P.S. Are you sure that is not a Warmouth in the 2nd pic?
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