Report Weekend of 6/11-6/12

2 groups of us went to Diamond this weekend. We fished the Cheese Hole, Rockpile and the Child’s Hole in the morning on Saturday. The fishing was slow and we had very few fish by lunch. We went in for a shore lunch and nap and hit the water again at 3:30pm. We trolled down the East side of the lake and picked up 6, we then moved to the southern end of the lake on the east side of the stream and knocked some out of the water. I shouldn’t have to say this, but Powerbait was kicking up the most bites. At the end of Saturday we had picked up 25 fish ranging from 14” to 19”, we couldn’t break the 20” mark.

Our other group fished across the lake from Broken Arrow all day and they picked up 21” and 22” bruisers that were both fat. They also picked up about 20 fish from 14” to 17”.

On Sunday we all hit the water early and knock them dead. Trolling was almost impossible due to the wind pushing us so we still fished the South End by the creek. By the time we left we had caught all our limits ahead of the rain. My stringer was a respectable 8 ranging from 16” to 18.25”. Everyone else had something similar. Again Powerbait. The weather was good until Sunday afternoon, when a torrential downpour moved through the area.

The bugs were not that bad. There were a lot of mosquito’s, but most of them were male. So they were more of an annoyance than anything. I only saw 3 female mosquitoes and was not bit once, thanks to our Therma-Cells and campfires.

For the rest of you planning a trip soon, the boats on the south end are there for a reason. And please stop running over everyone else’s’ line, there is a whole lake out there, there is no need to be within 40 feet of another boat.
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Sounds like a pretty good time. I had some friends fishing up there too and they said pretty much the same thing about the fishing.
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What, no fish porn? I want to see some pics! :D
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I fished on Sunday and right on though the rain.....miserable! But the fish never stopped biteing. I didn't break the 20" mark either and was close on quite a few fish.
Not only did people run arcoss my lines as well but....isn't there a speed limit on the lake or is that only for the curteous?
We will be there Sat,Sun and Mon. this week end so hope to break the 20" mark.
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