Red beads?

So I know people fish with them (myself included) What I'm wanting to know is who all uses them? What do you think about them? What sizes you use? And how much you pay for them and where you are getting them?
I do.... 6 & 8's mainly

Get them from BC Angling Post, for the going rate of course.........

BTW Bill has poured a mess of lead. His bins are full again $0.20 an ounce...
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The going rate lol well the going rates seem to go from $2.20 - $3.50 per 100. So what are his rates at now?
He sells "magic" beads so........... you might pay more, but you can walk right out the door with em.. which I prefer.
Never mind I just answered my own qeustion.
I have done this before... kind of

Go buy a some tubs of airsoft BBs (what... a couple thousand for a couple bucks?)
Hold one gently with pliers
Take a drill with the smallest drill bit you can find and try to center it up

I guess it can take a while and some practice but they are just as good and cheaper
I use red beads on my plunking set up but i have aquired all mine from random places and i hoard them.
I use red beads on spinners and on hoochie rigs, also green beads too. I used to get them from Cabelas, but now I get them in Gresham at a crafts shop. It Michales or something like that on Burnside. They don't know I use them for fishing so they are cheap. There were about 500 in a box and I got a couple of boxes of each. I can't remember what I paid for them but it was around a couple bucks per box. I also bought some small gold and silver glass beads to use as bead heads on flies...that worked out fantasticly! I can't help it I'm a cheap son of a gun. For years I've been trying to figure out how to make Alvins out of old coffee cans:lol:.
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