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the salmon kid

Apr 13, 2010
less than 6 miles rogue
hey the salmon kid here i was wondering if any one here has herd of any fish being caught down at rainie falls or any whare around there because i will probably be hiking down there friday and staying down there until sunday so i was wanting to know what kind of gear should i bring.:confused:

i have been told that there are already chinook salmon down at rainie falls but it is not confirmed yet :think:

and i met a guy down at the river that said he saw 2 chinook already in the spawning ground up near the hatchery, and he had a picture, but it was from a cell phone and it wasn't very clear,., but the fish that where in the picture where big and shiny so who knows they mite be up early this year :pray:

so if any of you guys have heard any thing about the salmon or the steelhead down at rainie falls please help me out it would be very helpful

thanks,., till next time,.,
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Apr 23, 2009
Spencer Creek, Fool.
I like that area, below the falls, ive read they stack in there pretty good. Only fished it a few times, no success. Fished with a float from my raft. Deep in there, how do you fish it? I always thought quick fish from a boat would do good in there, or plunking. Whats your thought?

eat, sleep, fish

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Sep 1, 2010
On the Rogue
The river is gonna be high and extremely muddy especially if this snow melts this afternoon. You'd be better off heading up high.

There will be fish moving through down there, but it will be a plunking only show.

As far as salmon go there may be an early fish or two in the lower river but I highly doubt anything has made it up to Raine Falls let alone the hatchery yet. If you look at the old Gold Ray Dam counts we've had exactly 1 fish go over before March 15th since 1997, and that was in the year 2006. It's much more likely that what the guy saw was a couple large fresh winter runs.


Feb 14, 2011
Grants Pass
Good call eat, sleep, fish. I was up in Eugene a few weeks ago talking with some guys up there, there are several reports of early Chinook in the Columbia and I heard of some in the lower Umpqua around the same time. My guess is the fish on the Rogue were big bright winter steelhead.

I was up at the hatchery in Dec. looking down at the steelhead from up on top of the tower and I saw some early winter fish in there. There was a big buck that had to be close to 40" swimming around down there, that fish was bright and way too big for a summer run on the Rogue, imo.
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