Quick Hagg trip, 15 May 2021

I hit Hagg with my son on Saturday. We did not get to the ramp until about 7am and by the time I got his kayak and mine ready it was pushing 8am before I started fishing. I caught a couple of bass fairly quickly (the bigger one was 2lb 1oz) on a senko.

I spent the next good bit trying to get my son on a bass but that just did not happen. Later in the day I picked up a couple of more bass in the pound and half range on the Senko in the Tanner arm.

My son never did catch a bass but he found a nice school of bluegill (on his own) in Tanner and was able to catch a dozen or so before they wised up. He said he had a lot of fun and that was music to my ears. The wind was really fierce (started to pick up around 10am) by noon. We called it a day around 1:30pm.

Stopped for fried chicken at the Lake stop store on the way home to cap off a really nice day on the water with my son!

Here is a short video of the first couple of fish. I did not realize I had knocked the power plug from the camera after that so I don't have much footage.

FYI, water temp was 63 but bass did not really show signs of spawning.

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