Questions about Colorado Lake (east of Corvallis)

Colorado Lake.

My dad asked me to do a bit of research on it... but I can hardly find a mention of it anywhere (not counting those "automated" filler websites). He says he remembers hearing long ago that it had some warm-water species in it.

I guess I'm just curious if it is open to the public, if it is worth fishing, and what species of fish swim around in it. (I'm personally not too keen on visiting it, though. I like my coastal streams!)

Thank you for any information!

Also, is there a better resource for finding information about these lakes that dot the valley? Should I contact ODFW?
ODFW can tell you, if there is public access or not. I've only heard of the locals there fishing it. It does indeed have warm water species. But, I do not think it's open to the public.

However, you can always head out there and ask permission from the owners.
I've heard the same as Troutdude - I went looking for access but you need to get permission from a land owner - no public access, or that's what I was told... ODFW would know for sure (let us know if there is access!). I've driven around it very slowly a couple of times and not seem any public access. I would guess once you're on the water, you're OK to fish. I've heard the bass fishing is pretty good.
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Yep, private access. Seems to be constant battles on if the water is state or private. The water is described on the deeds for the private party's but the state could make a claim that they owned it first.... but thats a battle for lawyers. If you did make it out there you may have to deal with that.
I didn't pursue information on Colorado Lake much further. I had a rather ugly situation come about when we tried to visit Fisher Island Pond east of Corvallis. I did a bit of research on how to access it via Ireland Lane (the "no trespassing" route), and a guy with two chained/aggressive dogs came out cussing and yelling. We turned around once my dad got a few choice words in. Situation could have turned physical... the guy definitely did not want to discuss/help/point us in the right direction.

So, dealing with potentially private ponds has me fairly spooked for the time being. I did talk to a fish biologist at ODFW; he gave us some recommendations for other ponds he knows to be open. He also encouraged me to talk with the Benton County Assessment Office. However, I'm not incredibly eager to fish ponds or have the Ireland Lane issue corrected. I'm aware that there may be an easier access route to Fisher Island right along 34... if I decide to try again.

Well, thanks for the input everybody! I'm sure reaching Colorado Lake won't be so problematic, but it'll be a while before I look into it.

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