PNW waders


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Like Aervax said above, I too wear the Simms Freestones and really like them. I've had mine for about five years now and I bank fish about 60 days a year and I've had no issues/leaks that I didn't cause myself. On my recommendation my neighbor that I fish with occasionally bought a pair before last winter steelhead season. His ended up at the end of the winter season with a leak in the foot area. He sent them back to Simms for repair and they just replaced them with their current model (a little nicer pocket arrangement). Their customer service has a very good reputation........For the money, really nice set of waders in my opinion.


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Nothing but Simms for me, but I just can’t put that kind of cabbage into a pair for the better half’s semi annual outings.

We are looking for mid range here, I’m done with the one year throw aways.

DRYFT looks like they have none available, if, I am reading their site correctly..would consider ordering a pair if I could.