Please Read "Warning to All OFFers"

I have recieved 5 emails that look like this in the title and subject line. Chris Jordan (No Subject). Somehow someone has hacked into CJ/Bigdog's site and has his contacts info. Do not open the emails it has Pharmacy spam/viruses attached. I do not know who will be affected and I do not want to post email addresses on an open forum. I do know there is over 40 contacts on the list. I do know is no longer on the web. How this person did this IDK. Just a warning. I have sent the info through my virus protection and have disbled it for know. But the person or persons can enable it and resend it. Just a heads up to all OFFers. If anyone needs more info let me know. You can PM me.

I would think it more likely that his computer was infected by a worm or someone who had his email address stored was a victim of worm spoofing. I know 2 other people who have been infected in the last month.


Email Worm Spoofing - Spoofing Explained
A lot of modern worms use email spoofing when they send themselves from an infected computer. This spoofing tactic has led to a great deal of finger pointing and confusion among Internet users. Because of spoofing, it may appear that person A sent person B a worm-infected email when this was not the case. Thus, spoofing increases the negative impact of worm outbreaks because it leads to unfair accusations, miss-directed warnings, and the erroneous blacklisting of email addresses.

Simply put, spoofing as it relates to worm dissemination, works like this:

Someone who has your email address stored somewhere on her or his computer, becomes infected by a worm that uses spoofing.

The worm searches for email addresses on the infected computer and sends itself to them.

The worm inserts one of the email addresses it finds in the "From:" field of the virus emails it sends. In other words, it may use your address in the "From:" field, which tricks unwary recipients into thinking that the virus came from your computer.

Thus, even though you may practice safe computing and have a worm free machine, you may be unfairly accused of spreading the infection. Meanwhile, the actual sender may remain unaware that his or her machine is infected.

If you are unfairly accused:

First, make sure your system really is free of infection by running a full system scan with up-to-date anti-virus software.

Next, reply to the accuser with an explanation of spoofing and assure him or her that your system is not infected. Try to include a link to a webpage that provides information about email worm spoofing to back up your statement.

If you receive a worm-infected email, don't immediately fire off an email that accuses the apparent sender of posting you the worm. If possible, look up information about the worm on an Anti-Virus website such as Symantec and try to determine if the worm is one that uses spoofing. You may also be able to verify the actual sender by checking the headers of the email carrying the worm. View a detailed explanation of interpreting email headers.

You can help to reduce the impact of worm outbreaks by being aware of this spoofing issue and informing others where necessary.
This is actually how I deciphered the email to the root cause by running it through my anti viruses website. I have informed the proper authorities. They just said we can try and do something but its a wild goose chase. They have taken over and sent some emails to the address that was initiating the emails. It just looks like its coming from CJ/deadhooktackle but its actually not. They just used his info to try and get parties to open the emails. His address is attached to another hidden address that i pulled out of the AVG system. What a pain in the Arse!
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Well that is a good warning to get out there but like Bobi said just because my name is in it don't mean it is me that has been hacked though. I only have 6 people on my contact list so there is the first sign that it didn't start at my system, more like someone that has me on their contact list. The DeadHook site didn't even have a contact list or a email addy itself so this would lead to believe that that isn't where the info started at.

I have full scans done on my system every other day, now this does not mean there is no way something got on mine and did something but very slim chance though. So far to date there has not been anything on my computer because AVP that scans my system records anything that is wrong and I also have my AVP on realtime protection and updated. Every one should make sure they have a good up to date AVP on their systems to many people out there trying to infect and get in to peoples systems.

If there is money to be made or a way for someone to take money or info or just flat out be mean and try to wreck someones system then people will do and try what it takes to do so. Seems to be the human way.

Bobbi thank you for posting your info on the email spoofing some people out there don't know about it or don't understand how it works and this might help them.

FF thank you for posting this and letting people know there is something going on out there with a name that some know attatched to it. Maybe if they know this is out there it can stop it from getting in more computers.

I don't contact people through email much, most the time either through PM here or from my phone. When I do send emails I wouldn't put my name in the subject line. So everyone if you get a email with my name in the subject line don't open it, it's not from me.

One fact that is a strong indicator of intent is that the subject matter is directed specifically at the forum. While the individual used Bigdog's email, he went through that to attempt an attack on the forum. It would be a different situation entirely if he attacked the forum solely or attacked Bigdog's email individually but to attack the forum through the email of a forum user, is pretty indicative to me.
Also, can we get FishingFreak some free bait or something!?! Way to be on it FF!!
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