Perch Anyone??????

Troutier Bassier
Anynefish for perch here. I'm Russian so Of course I do and I caght 2 Today at salish ponds on worms. Anyone else catch them?????:pray::pray:
I have taken first place in two perch tournaments held on Siltcoos lake. I love to catch perch and I like to eat them.
Do perch & crappie prefer similar habitat where both species are present? Seems like fishing small jigs near bottom in rocky crappie holding areas will get perch also.
Troutier Bassier
Yeah, I was fishing for Crapie when I caught my Perch. so porobaly.
Perch are like a cross between a Bass and a Crappie in means of habitat. My grandpa makes jigs called a "Boogie Bug" and they are really similar to a Little Skunk made by Lisk Lures, but Lisk Lures went out of business and my grandpa started making a lure pretty similar to them. When we fish in the tournament (late August) we usually work the shoreline like we are bass fishing, just casting the jigs next to reeds and lillies and working them back. I always top my jig off with a worm when perch fishing.

If the shoreline isn't productive, we move to deeper water and jig a herring jig with 3 hooks baited with worm or cut bait (small pieces of fresh perch or squaw fillet) and a 1/8 - 1/4 oz lead at the bottom, it is best to not drop anchor when jigging for perch.

Perch are usually always in a school.
I'll give you credit on that one Drew real good advice. When do they hold Perch tournaments on Siltcoos? I know August but what days?
I don't believe the Perch tournament is always on one exact date. I do know that it is usually somewhere between Aug 26 - 28th.

The name of the camp is Nightengales, located at the NorthWest portion of the lake. You could call the campground owner Anita, and get info from her anytime.
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