Alright y'all.....I recently moved back to the Mid-Willamette area after 9 years on the East Coast and a lot of my ponds and spots have changed drastically....So now I am looking for some ideas on some new areas for some Yellow Perch, Crappies(black or white) and bluegills......I have a 15' Klamath that is just needing to get some fish smell in it....So if anyone out here in the forum land has any spots they are willing to share I have a spot in my boat for ya.....Oh and just so you know......I AM looking for table care fish!!!!!


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I haven't done a lot of fishing in that area, but I did happen to find this little section of ODFW's website for warm water fishing a couple of years ago;

There should be an interactive map you can select that will take you to a page dedicated to a specific area in Oregon. Then there is a link to a .pdf at the top that will give you a break down of different bodies of water within that area.

Hopefully this helps a little


When you say mid, are your familiar with Lookout Point Res on Hwy 58? Excellent Crappie angling this time of the year... Actually very nice fish for your table...

I haven't fished that yet Chuck and yes Crappies are VERY GOOD table fair.....Any particular jig/bait that works best up there.....I am assuming they are beginning at this time of year to stage for the spawn!!


Across the Columbia River from the Mouth of the Willamette, there is a canal going into Vancouver Lake. Outside this canal is a sand beach. It is called Blurock Landing. If you got a boat or kayak head over there and fish the appropriate season-30ish feet for winter, and 10’-15’ Summer. If you look on Nautical charts you can see where it gets deep, or look at the area on google maps, and you’ll see dark blue. Fish there. Outside the mouth about 50 out is a pocket and it’s loaded with the biggest yellow perch I have caught on the Columbia. A simple dropshot rig with night crawler or soft plastic minnow is bomb. Fish finder doesn’t hurt either.


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