Our new boat.


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Run up to Diamond, Should be great with the cooler weather. I'll probably run up there next week .
Great boat you'll have a blast next yr.
Very nice.
I wish I would have had some idea I was gonna end up in this part of the country.
I had intended to live out my life in the southwest where the rivers and lakes are small and the weather is sunny year round.
I certainly would have opted for a different type of boat.
Congrats on the new ride. If you decide to run in the river mouths for salmon just make sure you wash your boat n flush that engine out every time n that boat will last a long time. I would imagine you already know that, but I have seen some that were not taken care of. As 4labs suggested a run to Diamond will put some fish in the basket. Just remember to toss back the brown's n tigers. You stand a good chance of getting some 18" plus up there. Enjoy the new ride.