open seat or seats this weekend

im gonna try and make a trip down to either reedsport or i might hit the siuslaw for nooks and sea runs, and will have a few open seat avaliable, if anyone is interested shoot me a pm. as some of you know i dont have a top for the boat so bring your rain gear
awwww shucks...why did you send that invite out when the gal gathering is going down???? :D Good luck to you and stay dry
Man I have been turning down seats just to finish the boat but if you really want a broke bum in your boat I may have to go with you if I get enough work done on the boat this week.
Hope you have a great time MOSD. Don't forget a good hat too! LOL
Hope you have better luck this trip.
Cheers, Dan
rippin fish lips
I would be glad to fill an open seat! but im out of your way and im broke! So dont worry about me! If anything take thuggin if he can go! He has been dyin to get after those fall nooks!
well looks like i wont go after all this weekend, been flirting with the possibility of selling my boat
crusty old fisherman
sorry to hear that things are gettin tight for most people these days I am thinking of heading down to the siuslaw mid week when there isn't so much pressure. I was there last sat when there was like 150 boats it was miserable the bay between the barge and cushman was churned up as bad as the ocean almost from all the power boaters speeding back and forth. I blasted some coho's but didn't manage to get any chinos.

if anyone is wanting to go mid week I will have at least one open seat shoot me a mesage. I just have a drift boat with a kicker so its not a luxury cruiser lol

Any reasosn to the flirting?
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