Olalla Res. water level

I was at Olalla in early Feb. Water level was low, and peeps had to pack their boats in and out.

Has the water level yet risen up to the boat ramp yet?
I was there Monday. Not up to the ramp yet but higher than Feb. The water comes almost to the first of the big concrete blocks that are usually underwater. Looks like with a 4WD you could launch a boat from a trailer, but don't quote me on that.

I tried to upload pix but they were too big.
Thanks for the report Froggy. Hope you caught some keepers (you didn't say either way).

We're gonna hit Big Creek Res. in the morning. Maybe stop at Olalla on the way back and check it out. We have 4WD Honda CRV and small aluminum scooter. So maybe??????

Again, thanks for the report. I was beginning to wonder if anyone over there reads these threads! You have restored my confidence in coastal dwelling peeps!
Hey troutdude - sorry for the slow reply but I was trying & failing to post pix (will get it worked out soon) then life got busy. I got 2 and 3 big (16"+) fish trolling spinners that Monday and last Friday. I'll get pix up when I can. How'd you do? Funny thing, though, the big ones were my only bites.
Hey, gonna have to change ur handle to the "Frogginator!" LOL Way 2 go.

We fished at Big Creek #2, and all 3 of us had our limits within 3 hours. You can view my "Big Creek" thread for more details.

Tight lines,

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