Okay Diggin Dan here's your fish pics!

Due to the fact that Diggin Dan wants to hear another bed time story from Uncle Jeff. I find myself obliged to do so. So here it is......
Big A$$ Ling Cod;)
Buckets of Black sea bass;)
And my HOT lady out fishing the whole boat!:shock:

Sorry Diggin Dan. Uncle Jeff is tired.:(
Limited the enitre boat including the captian, his wife, and all the deck hands.
Have more pics on camera, These were off my phone.
All right Digging D. Nighty Night....:cool:
Call newport charter and marina, ask for the Miss Raven. Tell em' Jeff sent ya....actually scratch that part. But dont forget to buy em all beers when you get back to the fillet table, There all good ol' beer drinkin red blooded americans.

(i'm just playing DD, thanks for the reminder I needed to post)
Good job!! The middle picture looks like a keeper for sure.;)
Cheers, Dan
Right on, looks like you nailed for a Feb day. Sea looks nice and calm!

Way to be in the weather window and on the fish. congrats!

When are you booking your halibut run?
Nice man. some day I will get back out in the ocean and do some fishing.
:cool:Good times!!!! Good looking cod and bass. I gotta get my wife out there. That is awesome your lady outfished 'em all. Nice looking day out there....I bet it was a blast:D
Nice fish there!! d: ) Keep them coming!
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