ok for a monday

well got home a few days ago and decided to blaze down to my old stand-by hole on the channel, got there at 6 am and enjoyed a slow cool morning, then as soon as the sun was high in the sky... bam shaker... ten minutes later... nibble nibble and shaker! 20 minutes later ( after losing 2 herring ) catfish... 20 more minutes bang! oversized.... straitened hook lost.... 15 minutes another damn catfish, and then one more shaker and back to the barn. its always good to come home.:cool:
Sweet, I always like action even if its not the target.

I recognize that hole, sure wish I was not so scared of the economy so I could buy a boat like I want to... getting tired of bankin it.
well as you can see theres always two empty seats in my boats, damn friends are all salmon snobs and work for a livin.... be going back out when I get back from a trip in two weeks. mabey Ill message ya. Brad

"most my money I spent on boats beer and trucks, the rest of it I wasted"
Please do, I work nights in that area and get off at 0700 every morning so I am always available for the right reason, and fishing is the right reason, lol.
o yea fishing is always a good reason to loss a lil sleep i work from 3pm to 12am so i normaly have time to get a few hours sleep thin hit the river befor work...
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