Not good for salmon or seabird populations


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I think we might be moving past where 'the blob' ocean conditions were bad for some of the salmon populations.

For example, the coho returning this fall have followed this lifecycle:

These coho have been in the ocean from Spring 2019 to Fall 2020 which is well after 'the blob' was reported to have faded away (winter 2016). The parents of this years coho that returned in Fall 2017 would have experienced some of the poor ocean conditions so I think what is critical is how effective spawning was in each area that fall. cheers, roger


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Excellent commentary from a guy who knows way more about this stuff than the likes of me. Did you whip that graphic up on the spot just for us? 😉


This doesn't really have to do with the blob, but the PDO is moving back to a cold phase. I think last year's anadromous runs experienced rock bottom ocean conditions for the current normal. This years runs are improved over last years so far.

I'm really curious about how Columbia River Coho are going to show up this fall. If they come in better than predicted I think we will see good fishing for the next few seasons.

Overall I don't think 22/23 will be like 14/15 but I believe ocean conditions are moving in the right direction to allow for improvement.
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